Over and over again I see guys from all walks of life that aren’t having the success they want with women. They tell me about all the lengths they go to, the careful stories and lies they create, and all the other bullshit hoops they’ve created for themselves to simply go over and say, “Hi” to a chick with pretty eyes.

She's waiting

Let me tell you something, when women are fantasizing about a guy to write about in they're sexual diary, they're not describing a guy like me. They’re not going, “Okay well he needs be an ex-biker who's a little over weight, with long graying hair, cusses a lot, tell me not to bitch regularly, and he needs to smell like patchouli.”

But I'm dating women half my age... and you know why? Because these days too many men act like a bunch of pussies. They're afraid to awaken their powerful nature with the traits of a powerful man. You know, stuff like attitude, confidence, and enthusiasm for the things he likes to do.

These days I see a lot of guys who are all dressed up in Gucci this and Armani that and instead of being cool they act like neurotic dogs. You know, the kinds that those dumb bitches are always carrying around in their purse, yapping at anything else that comes by.

Here’s the first thing you have to understand:
Other men are not your competition. The real competition is in improving yourself. If you’re still competing with other men, you’ve bought into the bullshit. Your real competition is you. How are you going to accomplish what you need to get done?

By developing in this way, you will Become A Powerful Man that women are attracted to. I mean, I know guys that are badass martial artists. They could kick my ass six ways to Tuesday, I mean, some of these guys train Navy Seals!

However when a halfway decent chick looks at him they surrender their power and let this woman work them like a tool.

HE DIDN’T EVEN GET A FULL SNIFF OF WHAT’S TO COME and this chick is using this poor guy’s dignity like a dirty dishrag to wipe up what’s left of his masculinity in front of all his friends!

I mean Jesus Christ dude; you’re killing me. You’re letting this little 120 lbs bitch work you like a rented mule.

it’s time to

The amount of bullshit advice out there is staggering. Every day it seems I have some guy or gal wanting to interview me for an eBook or asking I go speak at a seminar. Like this one guy who wanted to interview me for his book on “Approach Anxiety” Can you believe this shit? I told him, "I don’t know anything about it."

I mean if you need to go out with fake stories you’ve practiced in the mirror while wearing ridiculous clothing… be my guest. I hope it works for you.

But remember one thing…


Here’s the thing, women are a lot better at spotting bullshit than guys are. Especially when it comes to who they’re going to let play in that patch of prime real estate they carry around between their legs.

They’re going to know if you’ve memorized a conversational line or two that you thought would keep them amused. They’re going to pick up on how tense you are as you build up to making your pass at them.

Women aren’t like men. They don’t care what color hair you have. They don’t care how much you weigh. Some of them care about how much you have in your wallet or your bank account; but you don’t want those women. What women care about is your attitude. Are you willing to be the man?

See women can be like a nasty old fart after eating hard-boiled eggs and beans. Sometimes you have to cut a good one loose. The longer you hold on to it the more pain it will cause you. Sometimes you have to break the wind, take a deep breath (well after the air clears) and exhale in relief and go, “Ahhh, I sure feel better now.”

I mean, I was one of the founding fathers of the Seduction Community and, while I won’t name names, now there are all these pencil dicks out there saying all sorts of dumb shit like, “Maybe she’s above your pay grade.” Or “Maybe you should go after a few 7’s first.

let me to respond to that line of bullshit:

Now there is one reason to go after a girl that is a little less than perfect. Chances are good she’s probably better in bed than one of those “pretty girls”. The pretty ones often lay there during sex like a starfish waiting for the tide to come.

First of all guys, stop the lying. Stop lying to the women you meet. And even more importantly, stop lying to your self.

Here’s the thing, on a deep structure in your psyche, when you make false statements about who you are as a person your whole identity becomes a lie.

REMember this,
"its always better to have them dislike you for who you really are rather than think they love you for who you are not"

First of all you have to decide what you want to be good at. Because that that you practice you become good at. So do you want to perfect being a lying neurotic piece of shit or do you want to Become A Powerful Man. Now, that’s the question. Take a minute and figure it out for yourself because before you give it any other thought, you’re going to start becoming the thing that you were doing.

Now before I do any work with the guys and gals that join my coaching program I make them write down 10 things that they want to change in their life. See you have certain behaviors that while they appear to be individual problems, they are actually caused by a small set of beliefs that have generalized out into different areas of your life. In plain language, that means your problems are actually fewer in number than you believed them to be.

Once you start learning how to walk in your own skin and look your self in the face with an attitude of “Fuck yeah.” You’ll be the Powerful Man you were meant to be.

Let me explain something to you, its time to become happy with who you are and quit trying to find someone outside your self to make you happy. There’s nothing wrong with being who you are. You’ve simply forgotten, or never been taught, that Becoming A Powerful Man is your birthright.

I don’t know what kind of relationships you have now but to get the kind of relationships you want; you have to become comfortable, confident, and clear about who you are.

So for example, let’s say someone asks, "How old are you?" What do you do? Do you lie? Maybe you want to seem older than you really are… or younger…. Well cut the stupid bitch behavior. Here’s what you say. The next time some bitch asks you how old you are, you respond, “What the fucks it to ya?” Or “I’m old enough to slap you in the face with my cock. Now get the fuck out of here.

If you want to answer the question, answer the question. If you don’t want this person to know how old you are, don’t answer it. And stop lying.

A man doesn’t make up bullshit. That’s what a bitch does. If you are ready to Become A Powerful Man you have to stop acting like a little bitch.

Here’s a thing you have to understand. When people talk about being who you are and that you already possess everything you need to be successful in life they forget to tell you an important part.

I mean, they’re right. The problem is that the expectations heaped upon people by friends or family or co-workers builds up over time.

It’s like you have this great speed boat but you need someone to go beneath the surface and scrape off all the barnacles that keep you from performing as well as you could.

You see guys chasing women all the time. The more you chase women, the more they run. When you chase the passion that’s in your heart, women will be drawn to you like metal to a magnet.

But if you don’t have a strong foundation in who you are, even if you manage to start to have success with women, you’re not going to be able to maintain who you are and women will walk all over you.


Are You Ready For Change?

Let me make this perfectly clear. Hypnotica and I don’t pussy foot around. If you’re sensitive or thin-skinned, or easily offended, we’re not the right guys for you.

I’m about as politically incorrect as you can get. In fact, I believe that “political correctness” is a big part of the problem in our world today. I wish I could find the person who came up with that whole idea and kick that bitch in the crotch.

If you want someone to hold your hand and give you a shoulder to cry on, you need to go find some other person’s program.

Guys like Hypnotica and I get the results that we do because we’re going to get in your face and all the illusions that you had are going to dissolve away.  But you need to make sure that the adult dose of change is something you really want.

You see, if all you wanted to do was go get laid, there are plenty of professionals that can provide you that type of service. But what I’m talking about is more than getting laid.

I don’t teach people to be Pick-Up Artists. I am not a Pick-Up Artist. I teach people how to get relationships. It’s an entirely different paradigm to structure your life around.

And the foundation of that structure is that you have to create a strong relationship with your self, your identity and your behaviors as well.

Look, we’re not the nicest of trainers. We’re not here to listen to you snivel about how you haven’t learned your lessons yet and that’s why women use your heart to wipe their feet.  We’re here to help you claim your birthright as a Powerful Man in this world.

Its time to
splash some cold water on your face,
cough and reach Right down,
and confirm to yourself once and for all that you do,
in fact,
have a pair.

This program isn’t some self proclaimed Pick Up Artist pontificating for 27 hours into a microphone in his bathroom. This is an unprecedented opportunity to learn from two of the undisputed shapers of the Seduction Community. Each section is designed to communicate the concepts and experiences Hypnotica and I have spent our lives developing on both a conscious and unconscious level. There are few people even able to teach in this manner and the results we get speak for themselves.

Experience A Major Shift

“Steve P and Hypnotica hit you from a lot of different angles. If you have interest in energy work or NLP or seduction, this is for you. I definitely experienced a major shift in being calm and being able to dial in the right state of consciousness that I needed to interact with people and life in general in a much healthier way.”

-Billy M.
Chicago, IL

And instead of having to wait for weeks, you’ll get access to all the videos, the audios, and the PDF of the study guide instantly when you sign up.

Part 1

Section 01 – Introduction And Trance

In teaching there’s a unique problem known as “Classroom Syndrome” where the students can deal with problems and use what they’ve learned in the classroom but as soon as they go out into the “real world” they forget everything they know.

In my workshops, the first thing I do is make sure that everything you will be learning during our time together is something that you will be able to call upon as needed. This is teaching not just your conscious mind how to do things but your unconscious as well.

For this section, Hypnotica and I will lead you through an “eye-open” dual induction trance to allow you to be able to take all the things you are about to learn and be able to use them automatically when they will benefit your life.

Section 02 – Tapping Into Your Masculine Energy

In the Taoist tradition of Tantra every person contains within them both the masculine and feminine of the universe. The problem is too many men are expressing the wrong side of their nature. It’s time to crack open the seal “political correctness” has put on your masculinity and make the decision to be the man in your relationships.

Section 03 – Goal Setting

There’s a lot that will be happening as you follow along with the exercises and listen to the trances. Hypnotica’s Goal Setting exercise will help to take the experiences of success you already have in your life and begin applying it to the areas you are not successful in yet. You will be learning and focusing your energy so as to make sure you are guiding your life in the direction you want.

Section 04 – Shifting Internal Dialogue

Shifting Internal Dialogue is one of my foundational techniques for cleaning up the inside of your mind. Through the years they said that if you talk to your self or you hear voices, you’re crazy. But the truth is, we all have voices going off in our heads all the time. The trick is to make sure they’re the right voices.

If you are looking across the room at a cute chick you haven’t met yet and a voice fires off in your head in a screechy, “DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS!” It makes sense why you just sit there not doing anything.

By practicing this technique you can neutralize all those negative voices that had been preventing you from acting on all those opportunities you’ve missed out on.

Section 05 – 3 Points of Attention & Soul Gazing

Another of my foundational techniques for eradicating what’s some people call “Approach Anxiety.” Here’s the thing, there is no such thing as Approach Anxiety. It’s an illusion. What you have is a sensation that tells you there is something interesting about this person you don’t know yet.

Not only do I explain how to calm yourself and develop deep rapport using the 3 Points of Attention technique, I also break down the correct way to Soul Gaze with a woman.

And for the first time ever, I’ve included the eye-open trance to install this technique on an unconscious level.

Part 2

Section 06 – Getting Control of Your Thoughts (Trance)

This is the first of the formal trance sessions. This short trance is designed to further make sure the 3 Points of Attention technique becomes an automatic behavior and prepare you for the Deep Change Work that will be done in later trance sessions.

And be prepared for some major shifts to begin happening. I had two of my friends join in to provide music to these inner journeys. And not just any music...

First is Roy Robinson, a Master Shamanic Drummer who has been playing native rhythms and flutes for over 30 years.

The second musician joining us is Denver Clay. Denver is a master at Sonic Installation and the mastermind behind the music of Hypnotica's The Sphinx of Imagination and many of Richard Bandler's (co-creater of Neuro-Linguistic Programming) hypnotic programs.



Section 07 – Setting Your Intention and Having Fun

Having your head straight before going out is the most important (and most overlooked) aspect of being good with women. Hypnotica shares how he created the powerful frame of mind that allowed him to become “The Inner Game Guru” of the Seduction Community.

Afterwards Hypnotica and I share our own brand of “fun things” that will spice up any relationship. And if you’re not in a relationship yet (or the relationship you want yet), we also share some of our secrets about flirting, qualifying women, and the proper way to compliment a woman.

Section 08 – Coming From A Place of Power

It’s important to understand the difference between being a forceful man and a Powerful Man. When you express your masculine energy from a place of power, you’ll be amazed at the changes you will begin to notice in your self and the people you interact with.

Section 09 – Getting Control Of Your Relationships

Not all of the people in your life are there to help you. This isn’t just about the women you date. This is about how you relate to your past, your future, and everyone you interact with. Most guys don’t realize that friends, family, and even complete strangers will respond to you in the manner you communicate to them. How you’re being treated now is exactly how you’ve told all these people to treat you.

And unless you already know how to communicate to others what types of relationships you want and how you want to be treated, you’ll continue the bad behaviors that have created the situation you’re in now.

Section 10 – Changing Beliefs (Trance)

Before you start this program, you’ll want to create a list of 10 things (beliefs, behaviors, etc.) that if you could change about your self, your life would be enhanced. This is a powerful Deep Change Work trance session where Hypnotica and I weave learning stories together to smooth the progress of transition into the new beliefs and attitudes that come with Becoming A Powerful Man.

Section 11 – Question & Answer Session

At different points we set aside time to answer questions from the audience about the different concepts and mindsets that Hypnotica and I teach. Sometimes after the first series of trance sessions, students have questions about the changes that they are going through. Here you’ll discover hints and tips about keeping the change process going.

I Figured Out What Is Important

“This has been an incredible experience. If you want to really figure out what is important to you and why it is important to you, you will find out how to get that… If you’re not happy right now or you’re tired of putting things off and want to get to the fun part, get this program.”

-Tommy I.

Part 3

Section 12 – Rock Out! – Change Work LIVE

I almost didn’t put this section in...

Here you’ll see just how quickly change can happen in our workshops. There’s a reason many of the leaders of the Seduction Community talk about how profoundly their lives were changed after experiencing a dual induction with Steve P and Hypnotica. (And why they still come to us for Private Coaching sessions.) If you’re still going through that shy stage you may want to shut your doors and windows while following along.

Section 13 – Scrooge (Trance)

Years ago, Hypnotica and I developed this technique to put the proper perspective on your behaviors and beliefs. The little things you do every day build up over time. This is easily one of the most powerful personal change dual inductions we’ve ever released and worth the price of the entire program alone.

Section 14 – Pushing Your Bubble

When it comes to changing your life, a lot of guys think too small. Hypnotica shares some of the things he’s learned through his personal journey of change. The concepts and frameworks he used to track his progress and some of his wilder experiments to get himself out of his own bubble and expand the model of what he thought he was capable of accomplishing.

Section 15 – Raise Your Voice, Raise Your Energy

A lot of people talk about using affirmations. Almost nobody shows people the correct way to use affirmations. Hypnotica will teach you how to use a technique he created to lock in whatever beliefs you want to be built into your neurology.

And because I’m a rude bastard, I’m going to help by installing a few of my own beliefs and attitudes to help Awaken You As A Powerful Man. Your neighbors are going to love this.

Section 16 – Take Your Change (Trance)

After going through all that, your mind is going to be working out all sorts of new behaviors and beliefs for the weeks to come. This last formal trance session will make sure that all the changes you’ve completed and the ones you’ve started continue with you out into your future.

The Original Founding Fathers

When you begin to learn what’s going on in the community, you sort of trace down who the original founding fathers are. Steve P is six degrees of seperation to everybody in this community… It’s beyond game, it’s beyond anything, this is absolutely who he is and what he does.

-Claude Genest

Look guys, the math on this is simple:

  • To study with Hypnotica and me for one year would have cost you $45,000.
  • The minimum I charge for my year long coaching program is $30,000.
  • For a three day intensive I charge $15,000.
  • To have us both work with you for a single session would cost you $5,000.
  • Tickets to attend my workshops are $1500.

Now for the first time, you can discover what it takes to Awaken Your Dominant Male Attitude for only $497!!!

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I Found Out What My Purpose Is.

“Ultimately it comes down to this: I found out what my purpose is. Because a lot of it deals with the confusion of living a life without a clear purpose. And Steve was able through trance and all sorts of incredible explanation and practical application he was able to resolve that issue.”

-Robert N.
New York, NY

The key to what I teach is in relationships; relationships first to your self
and then to other people.

Nowhere will you find a program like this. Hypnotica and I teach with a mind to generative change. What that means is, no matter where you are in your life, each and every time you listen and follow along with the stories and trance sessions you will find your self making new changes to benefit your life in new ways.

I’m not kidding when I say that this is powerful stuff. You’ll want to take time after watching, listening, and doing the exercises in each session. After completing this program you’re going to find a greater ability to tap into your inner resources when it comes to getting and staying motivated in achieving your goals, keeping negative thoughts and influences from derailing you from your path, and stepping into this new more powerful way of being in your world.


There’s always little tidbits of information shared off camera, during breaks, and after the day’s workshop is completed. Usually I keep these moments out of the training I release, as these kinds of things are part of the whole reason to attend a live event. But instead of leaving this footage on the cutting room floor, I’ve decided to include some of it as a bonus to the rest of the program.

Bravo’s Online Game 1.0

Bravo, former and only Executive Coach of Style’s (AKA Neil Strauss) Stylelife Academy, was in attendance as a special guest of mine. He surprised our students by sharing some of his discoveries on how to meet women using online dating sites as a FREE evening session.

Hypnotica On Maintaining Motivation

During one of the breaks, Hypnotica shared how to recognize the worst enemy to your success in making changes to your life. This is life’s last-ditch effort to keep you were you are and once you know what to look for, you’ll be able to avoid this trap with ease.

Steve P’s Secret To Talking To Women On The Phone

I never understood why guys had problems talking to chicks on the phone. It wasn’t until one of my coaching clients told me that this trick I’d been using since high school completely changed the tone of his conversations with women. He said that he never knew what to do or say when he actually got a girl on the phone. Now he’s never at a loss for what to say and enjoying his new reputation as a world class “bad boys”.


Take a moment, or three, to consider that guys like Steve and myself have spent our lifetimes developing and mastering our skills with women and with teaching how to pass those skills on to others. And our goal is to put together a program that I wish was available years ago when I was still figuring out a lot of this stuff.

When it comes to removing the negative thoughts and beliefs that prevent you from accomplishing the things you want and replacing them with better and more wonderful thoughts and beliefs, there is no one who can do it as well or as fast as Steve and myself.

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More Important Than Techniques

“Over time as I started to develop, I realized that the concepts that Steve and Hypnotica talk about are a lot more important than techniques... Every thing these guys say all comes back to who you are as a person and what your intention is and the experience that you're working to create for her..."

-David DeAngelo
Double Your Dating


It’s simple guys; the problem is that for far too long it’s been politically incorrect to act like a man. And the problem has gotten so big, women are beginning to openly ask, “What happened to all the real men?

You’re not going find the answer wearing lip-gloss and playing bitch games. Put down the mascara and get ready to stop the wimp behavior and Awaken Your Dominant Male Attitude that lies slumbering within you.


Becoming A Powerful Man that women respond to and clamor for doesn’t have to be something you’re born with. It’s a learned behavior like anything else. The problem is, if you don’t know how to unlearn all the crappy behaviors you have, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle the whole way.

So do your self a favor. I’ve designed this program to allow you to develop the skills on both a conscious and unconscious level and I’ve included trances to help the process of removing unhelpful beliefs and build in the powerful mindsets that Hypnotica and I used when training the men who went on to become the top instructors and performers in the Dating and Seduction Community.

Look, not only are we talking about:

  • Getting to experience several conversational trance sessions…
  • Learning some of the most important techniques taught to those that have come up through our coaching programs…
  • The four formal trances to remove past bad behaviors and beliefs and help you develop new, more powerful frames of mind…
  • Bravo’s secrets to how to not just meet women online but get them contacting you for dates…

You’ll also discover:

  • The 4 Traits of a Dominant Man…
  • The 1 Thing You Must Have In Any Interaction…
  • What Second Thoughts Are Trying To Tell You…
  • How To Argue Like Steve P…
  • How to Recognize the Chicks That Want To Be Approached In Bars…
  • Hypnotica’s 3-Step Mindset…
  • Steve P’s own personal affirmations…
  • And much more!

I Got Answers To Everything

“I came to this program to explore new things and meet new people. One of the things I always worry about is if this is just going to be a huge sales pitch or an internet marketing scheme. And it’s absolutely not the case with these guys. Steve and Hypnotica are two very genuine characters with something very real to offer. I would say to anyone out there if you’re sitting there and you’re worried about anything: you’re worried about your self, the girls, your work. I didn’t come here with girl problems I came here worried about work and the way I was approaching that. I got answers to everything. That’s all it is. There’s no bullshit here.”

-Brent W.

And you’ll have access to all this today for just $497!!!

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